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As prospective Brides and Grooms search for the perfect transport for themselves and their guests, one vehicle seems to have risen to the top of "the must have list" a classic Volkswagen Bus. Its easy to see why these iconic vehicles are so popular on the happy couples big day, not only do they look fabulous in the photographs they also bring a vintage cool factor with them as well. As the demand has grown for great looking wedding campers we have also gained quite a demand for our conversions,  some of our clients are now looking for us to work on their third or forth wedding buses as their fleet expands and their businesses grow. If your thinking of venturing into the wedding car hire business and have a VW Bus to convert call Odette in our office for more details of how we can bring your ideas to life.

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Madmatz, Buspod & Buseyes are registered trademarks of Mark Watts Limited.