Having over 10 years experience in camper van interiors gives us a bit of an advantage in this area, the upper and lower trim panels are all covered with cleanable fabrics from the Sunbrella collection the lower panels also feature a decorative stitch detail the upper panels all have curtains fitted on easy glide rails with tie backs to keep things neat and tidy. An easy clean leatherette has been applied to all the remaining pillars and wheel arches, the main floor area has an attractive commercial grade vinyl flooring with an R10 slip resistance rating while the cab floor is treated to one of our Madmatz T6 Cabmats. We also include front and rear screen covers for night time privacy and to help keep things cool on hot summer days.

Trim Panels

The inside of your camper should not only be a nice place to be it should also be easy to keep it that way, that's why all our internal trim panels are covered with fabrics from the Sunbrella Performance collection offering complimentary tones & designs.


Beneath the 1 piece vinyl flooring  we use a 9mm plywood liner to give a good solid base this is placed over strips of Closed Cell insulation stuck to the load floor of the vehicle. This combination gives us the perfect base to build the rest of the camper conversion on.

Cab Mat

This is where it all started for us back in 2006 (hence the company name) we thought it only right that everyone of our T6 conversions should be treated to one of our now famous Madmatz Cabmats. Matching mats for the main living area can also be ordered from us.

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Madmatz Buspod and Buseyes are registered trademarks of Mark Watts Limited


Madmatz, Buspod & Buseyes are registered trademarks of Mark Watts Limited.