Hilo Scenic Roofs

On top of every Buspod camper conversion you will find a HiLo Scenic roof but you may have to look hard as they are almost invisible when down. Sitting just 15mm higher than a standard roof with no bolts or seals on view the HiLo lifts to give a whopping 1.35 metres extra headroom at the front and an ample 520mm at the rear, couple this to the Scenic canvas and foam filled top bunk mattress that come as standard on all our camper vans and you will be the poptop kings of the campsite. Full details of the HiLo roof can be found on their website here along with information about the full safety and crash testing work they have carried out on these great Pop Top Roofs.

Scenic Roof

The zip out canvas opens up all manor of opportunities, hop up there and enjoy breakfast with the sunrise, take in some wildlife spotting or photography in the day time then relax with a glass of wine for the sunset at the end of the day.

Stainless Hinges

We specify Chrome polished Stainless Steel heavy duty hinges and high power gas struts ensure easy opening and closing every time on all our Buspod campers.


The first elevating roof in-vehicle crash tested to M1 insurance standard, EC Directive 76/115/EEC compliant. A certificate of testing is issued with every one of our HiLo equipped camper conversions. 

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Madmatz, Buspod & Buseyes are registered trademarks of Mark Watts Limited.